Character Information

Other Names: Princess Diana and Diana Prince

Physical Appearance

Wonder Woman's costume consinces of a golden tiara with a red star, red ball earings, golden belt over the top of a tight red tube top under a pair of blue mini shorts with white stars, silver Bracelets I with a red star, brown stockings and red leather boots with a white stripe


Diana is so depend on her powers to fight villians she has become scared of losing her powers so she makes choices that she thinks will save her but this makes her predictable so she most of the time gets captured, but eventually get saved by Steve Trevor or Nazis letting her go.

Occupation: Hero


Played By: Lynda Carter

Status: Alive

Powers: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Jump, Miciking and Twirl


  • Loss of Belt
  • Loss of Bracelets I/III
  • Loss of Lasso I
  • Chloroform
  • Sleeping Gas
  • Poison Gas
  • Easily Overpowered
  • Disguises
  • Manipulation
  • Steve Trevor I
  • Wonder Girl I
  • Andros I



Season One

  1. The New, Original Wonder Woman
  2. Wonder Woman meets Baroness Von Gunther
  3. Fausta: The Nazi Wonder Woman
  4. Beauty on Parade
  5. The Feminium Mystique Part One
  6. The Feminium Mystique Part Two
  7. Wonder Woman VS Gargantua
  8. The Pluto File
  9. The Last of the Two Dollar Bills
  10. Judgement from Outer Space Part One
  11. Judgement from Outer Space Part Two
  12. Formula 407
  13. The Bushwhackers
  14. Wonder Woman in Hollywood
  15. The Death of Wonder Woman